Interpro International provides a wide array of development related services for world-wide energy markets (Americas, EU, Asia and Africa) for Government and International Donors including:

 Government Advisory
 Regulatory Programs
 Project Management and Implementation
 New Technology Evaluation and Promotion
 Oil and Gas Industries Projects
 Renewable Energy Technologies

Our services focus primarily on Consulting for:

 Establishment of Regulatory Frameworks
 Energy Advisory Services to Governments
 Project Oversight and Control for Donor Organizations
 Energy Development for Oil and Gas Programs
 Development of Renewal Energy Programs

Over 40 Years experience worldwide which include program development and management for donor  organizations such as USAID, The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, GTZ and EU on programs and  projects in the energy sector.





Complete project management services by serving as the liaison between the donor and the beneficiary government entity.


Development and Promotion of new projects and  technologies in the energy sector including renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar, biomass, and hybrid systems.







Osvaldo A. Juvier PE, MSIE, BSME, MBA

Principal Consultant and CEO