Since 2010 we have focused on developing markets in East Africa and have established headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya to develop markets in this region. Since then we have achieved the following projects and partnerships :


  • Nairobi Ring Power Project – Power Engineers, USA – worth $ 120 million
  • Geothermal Development Program- GDC , Kenya, PEC , USA – worth $ 75 million
  • Solar Energy Development Project – Odema Energy , India, worth $ 6 million
  • Power Africa Energy Initiative, USAID / AECOM , USA . , Value of $ 13 million
  • Tribe Energy Center Hotel – Nairobi Kenya, worth $ 4 million
  • Company Corona, Colombia / Colombia ProExport , Sanitary Products – in development.
  • Equipetrol USA / Colombia – oil pumping systems – developing


Led by Santiago Villamizar , we have been approved by ProExport – Colombian Colombia to assist companies to develop the market and introduce its products in Kenya and other East African countries like Tanzania , Uganda , Burundi and Rwanda. You can view our profile registered NEXT web site :



Head of International Market Development Sector



International Business Management, Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia, 2008.

General Management, Stonebridge Associated Colleges, UK, 2009


English, Spanish, Italian

Overall Experience

Santiago Villamizar is the Commercial Advisor for Interpro International with over 5 years of experience in the South American markets. Graduate of International Business Administration, he has been involved in different business plans providing strategic advice to clients that request to enter, develop or undertake new markets.

His working experience started in a Colombian energy company where he developed his experience on investment projects and on liquidity management.  Most of his commercial experience has been in the Colombian Stock Market working for different local brokers where he required excellent customer relationships, experience and knowledge in financial advisory, portfolio management and the ability to constantly generate business opportunities for the company’s corporate clients.

Santiago has excellent skills in establishing business strategies and achieving results, experience that has been reflected on the constitution of his own company giving him experience on business relationships with suppliers, clients and the company staff. Also this new business has involved him in the research and development process of the marketing of the products and services offered.